Visiting Sphinx

Visiting Sphinx is getting more and more popular.

Is it worth choosing Egypt as a travel destination? It seems that this is very attractive option. It is visible that a lot of Polish people decide to spend their money on a trip to Egypt. And if we mentioned financial aspects, it is worth noticing, that this destination isn’t very expensive. We can expect good conditions in that aspect.

There are many tour agencies who compete with each other, and this fact provides more attractive offers to the clients. What else makes Egypt a good destination? Obviously many interesting spots to visit. With no problem, you can see the monument of Sphinx, which is located in Giza. In general, starting trip, in that African country, from visiting the big Sphinx is a good choice.

And if you are in Giza, then of course, you also have to visit Pyramids. These buildings are breathtaking, especially if before you have seen it only in the history books. What other places are worth visiting? Undoubtedly, there are plenty of interesting spots in Cairo, which is a capital of Egypt. In that city, we can also visit National Museum, which is very interesting, because there are lots of exhibitions coming from the ancient times. That’s, for sure, a must seen spot for those who are passionate about history.

Apart from Cairo, there are also other interesting places to visit, such as; Siwa Oasis, Alexandria, The Valley of Kings, or Saqqara. Maybe not everyone is aware of it, but the weather is perfect in Egypt all year long. So, any time of the year, it is possible to sunbath, swim, or dive, especially that Egypt has an access to the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. www

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